Why we love polymer clay!

Arts and crafts using polymer clay can be a great activity for any age. They are flexible to use, bright in colors and offer to limit to creativity. You can make many things with polymer clay including dolls, wall hangings, beads, etc. Here are the primary reasons why we love polymer.

Brilliant color


You can get polymer clay in various colors from soft hues to darker ones. Some brands of polymer clay add white mineral clay to make the colors opaque. Other contains mica to give shimmer and shine.



Polymer clay has been tested and certified as non-toxic art materials. If large quantities of this clay are consumed, it may lead to intestinal blockages. If used according to the package instructions, the clays are safe to use. You shouldn’t let your babies or pets play with it without supervision.

Wide range of options


You can make almost any object with polymer clay. You can make miniature figures, houses, boats, ornaments, wall hangings, and anything you can think of.

Ease of use


Polymer clay is very easy to use. It doesn’t get hard like regular clay if you leave it idle for a while. So, you can finish your work with polymer clay anytime without worrying that your craft will dry up. You also bake the polymer clay in your oven to make it hard.

If you haven’t used polymer clay, try making something today. You will fall in love with it like us.

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