Modeling our favorite superheroes with polymer clay

Polymer clay is inexpensive and wonderful to use. You can find it easily and mold it into anything you can think of. You can even model your favorite superheroes with it. Here are some tips how to do it.

1. You need the right tools

You should have the right tools model the figures. You need brushes, wax carving metal tools, loop tools, etc. You can use various cutters as well.

2. Make the clay firm

The polymer clay is too soft to use right away. You need to soak oil out of the clay with various sheets. The clay will be much firmer then and will be easy to mold into shapes.

3. Start with basic shapes before moving into details

You should first create the shape of the superhero you are going to make. Later, you can add details and eventually a noticeable character will appear.

4. Smoothing the clay surface

With firm clay, it is easier to smooth them with the fingers. You should make sure that the surface is free from bumps, fingerprints, and marks.

5. Baking and sculpting

When you make something out of clay, it is common to break one part accidentally while making another part of the figure. That’s why you should bake in sections. This way you can preserve the work that you have completed. You should set the oven to a low temperature and bake for a long time. If you put on high temperature, the clay might break.

6. Painting

You can use acrylic paints to do the details, like the eyes, mouth, logos, etc. Use various types of brushes according to your need. You can later put on a few coats of clear paint for color protection.

Use these steps to make your favorite superhero. Keep a good quality picture of your superhero in front of you while crafting. This way, you will be able to craft the details well.

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