Join us


Polymer clay is an exciting medium for arts and crafts. You can get many colors of polymer clay and blend them to make interesting and beautiful objects. If you like arts and crafts, you can join our group. We explore various ways of using polymer clay to make things.


  • Learn a new craft
  • Exercise your creativity
  • Make new friends
  • Improves skill like the attention to detail, patience, etc.
  • Learn to think ‘out of the box.’
  • Great pastime
  • Unlimited fun

How to join?

We want people who are interested in learning arts and crafts using polymer clay to join our group. We don’t want any time wasters to spoil the energy of this group. If you want to join us, tell us in short why you want to do so. Also, send us a picture of a sample of your work. Even if you have never tried making crafts with polymer clay before, just buy some polymer clay from the stores and make anything. We just need to know that you are serious about joining us.


  • Membership fee is $20/month
  • You can leave the group anytime
  • You have to meet up every Saturday
  • You have to upload a picture of your craft every week on our site
  • You have to attend the monthly meeting which is held at the end of each month
  • There will be competitions and events throughout the year. You must participate in those.

We will do some community events throughout the year to promote this concept of using polymer clay for arts and crafts. You should be ready to work as volunteers. You will have a great time with us. Send us your details and sample work today!