Health and Safety when dealing with polymer clay

People who have just started using polymer clay will be concerned about its safety. Polymer clay is non-toxic. Still, you should follow these safety guidelines when using polymer clay.

1. Don’t eat it

The polymer clay is non-toxic and won’t cause any health problems even when ingested. Still, it is wise to keep it away from children and pets. You must clean your hands after finishing your work with polymer clay. You should not let raw clay come into contact with any food.

2. Don’t eat from it

You can not eat food from dishes that are made from polymer clay. Polymer clay is too porous, and so they cannot be cleaned properly after they come in contact with food. Bacteria may develop in these pores.

3. Use clay-dedicated tools

You will find tools in your kitchen that work well with polymer clay. But you shouldn’t use them. Use clay-dedicated tools for your craft works.

4. Make sure the clay doesn’t burn

If the clay is baked at the correct temperature, you won’t need to worry about fumes. But you should be careful so that it doesn’t burn. It produces a light smell when baking. You can open your windows while baking so that the smell goes off. If the clay is burned in very high temperature, it releases toxic fumes. So, you should bake clay at a low temperature.

Follow these simple safety rules to avoid any accidents from happening. Polymer clay is a safe material to use; still, you have to be cautious while using it. If your children are using it, don’t leave them alone. Keep them under strict supervision.

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