companyPeople have a favorite pastime. They like to do needlework, painting, gardening, etc. during their pastime. We are a group of people interested in arts and crafts using Polymer Clay. Whatever extra time we have left after work, we like to experiment with this art. We let our imagination flow and create interesting things using Polymer Clay.

Polymer clay is a versatile material that is perfect for artists of all levels. Even the beginners can make wonderful crafts using polymer clay. We have monthly meetings to exchange ideas and learn new techniques. This blog contains many useful links to websites, books, magazines, etc. related to polymer clay. If you are interested in this kind of crafts, you will find these links very helpful. You will also find links to various stores which sell polymer clay products.

We update our blog every day with interesting posts about polymer clay. You will learn various tips and tricks that can be applied in polymer clay art and crafts. If you are interested, you can join our group. It will be a creative and fun experience for you.